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Multi-course Meal @ RM78


Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter

Velvety Matcha-Lime foam

covering a chilled Lime Snow.

Savoury Éclair (n)

Gruyere Flavoured Pâte à Choux decorated with Aubergine Caviar, Green Chile Pesto and Tomato Confit.

Strawberry Gazpacho

Chilled Cold Soup of Strawberries, garnished with Dehydrated Strawberries and Microgreens.


French Onion Soup

Caramelised Onions Broth accompanied by French Toast.


Truffled Mushroom Soup

A Plant-based Creamy Mushroom Soup infused with Truffle Oil.

Chicken Liver Parfait (a)

Creamy Chicken Liver covered with a brûlée top served with Toasted Bread and Apple Chips.


Garden Plater

Fresh mixed greens planted on top of Edible Soil and Gribiche Sauce (French Tarter Sauce).


Savoury Ice Cream Salad

Assorted Baby Leaves, heirloom Tomato, seasonal Microgreens and Violet flowers served with savoury Ice Cream.

Duck Breast with Orange Purée and Roasted Beetroot

Sous vide pan seared Peking duck breast with Orange Purée, Roasted Beetroot and Valrhona Dark Chocolate.


Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts

A roulade of juicy chicken thigh with crunchy Brussels Sprouts, and flavourful Chicken Jus.


Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise (n)

Sous vide Atlantic Salmon with Squid Ink Hollandaise, garnished with Pickled Beetroot and Green Chile Pesto.

Squid Ink Japonica Rice

Japanese Short Grain Rice cooked with Squid Ink accompanied with Prawn, Baby Squid and Omelette, served with Garlic Mayonnaise.


Pomodoro Cream Seafood Pasta

Penne in rich Pomodoro Cream Sauce with Baby Squid, Clam and Mussel.


Vegetarian Arrabbiata

Penne in Pomodoro Sauce with Aubergine, Zucchini, Shimeji and Hot Sauce, garnished with Parmesan Cheese.

Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie

Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie technically plated with elements of Lemon Curd, Passion Fruit Gel, Italian Meringue and White Chocolate Sherbet.


Raspberry Decadence

Luscious Raspberry Cheesecake with Raspberry Gel accompanied by Lemon Meringue Shards and Passion Fruit Gel.


Crème Brûlée with White Chocolate Sherbet

Lush egg custard accompanied by White Chocolate Sherbet and Meringue Kisses.

Single Origin, French Press Coffee

Loose Leaves Tea

Sparkling Iced Berry

Soup, Entrée : RM18 per serving   Main : RM35 per serving (+RM10 for Duck Breast)   Desserts : RM20 per serving


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